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Environmental Law
Environmental Litigation 

Our experienced team includes a marine biologist and former U.S. EPA prosecutor, as well as a geologist and former environmental consultant.

We have successfully handled the following matters, among many others:

  • Representation of the owner of a RCRA corrective action site including negotiations with EPA and PADEP;
  • Defended a dredging company regarding violations alleged by PADEP;
  • Representation of a remediation company regarding the cleanup of a RCRA/Act 2 site;
  • Represented the owner of a former dry cleaner property in connection with various claims and remediation;
  • Represented an environmental laboratory concerning an audit by PADEP;
  • Representation of an agricultural composting company regarding governmental permitting;
  • Represented a large company in connection with an adjacent chromium site including negotiations with NYSDEC;
  • Defended a construction company regarding a civil contempt action by PADEP;
  • Defended a swine CAFO regarding water permit violations alleged by PADEP;
  • Representation of numerous real estate developers concerning various issues and alleged violations;
  • Placement of a complex pollution insurance policy for a large company;
  • Defended a municipal authority regarding Clean Water Act violations alleged by EPA;
  • Representation of the owner of a Superfund landfill site in negotiating with EPA and PADEP including an environmental covenant;
  • Defended a poultry processing company regarding CWA violations alleged by EPA;
  • Provided strategic counseling to an agricultural trade group concerning environmental regulation;
  • Representation of various businesses regarding air emissions;
  • Provided representation and counseling regarding numerous mold and indoor air quality issues;
  • Representation of a class action group regarding contaminated groundwater from a CERCLA site;
  • Provided strategic counseling to a major insurance company regarding climate change;
  • Representation of the owners of a HSCA landfill site in negotiating with PADEP including an environmental covenant;
  • Placement of a conservation easement on a Superfund site;
  • Provided counseling to a water supply company faced with polluted groundwater;
  • Individual, joint and liaison counsel representation of numerous companies regarding various CERCLA sites;
  • Representation of a neighboring landowner concerning a CAFO poultry operation;
  • Representation of numerous property owners affected by oil and fuel spills;
  • Representation of an adjacent business affected by a RCRA corrective action site;
  • Obtained pollution and CGL insurance coverage and defense for several contaminated sites;
  • Obtained permit approvals from EPA and PADEP for various entities;
  • Defense of a restaurant and brewery against a wastewater treatment authority;
  • Representation of a waste oil recycling company;
  • Representation of the seller of a Superfund site to a municipal government;
  • Defense of a PADEP enforcement action against a large agricultural operation;
  • Defense of a Spill Act cleanup directive by NJDEP regarding a former dry cleaner site;
  • Defense of a stormwater case against a large construction company;
  • Representation of a bank in connection with a borrower’s purchase of a contaminated site;
  • Representation of several redevelopers of contaminated properties under Pennsylvania Act 2;
  • Defense of a hazardous waste transportation company regarding a highway spill;
  • Representation of several landowners concerning Marcellus Shale leases; and
  • Representation of an international maritime shipping company regarding TSCA and EPA.